Starbury Goes Overseas

Former NBA superstar Stephon Marbury has finally found a basketball team. Just not a team in the NBA. Marbury will be playing basketball for the Shanxi team in the Chinese Basketball Association. The team believes that adding Marbury will boost ticket sales and team wins.  

It is an interesting situation for a guy who was in the conversation as one of the top players at the point guard position just a few years ago. However, his attitude did not agree with two hall of famers, Larry Brown and Isiah  Thomas. The deterioration of the latter relationship caused Marbury to be exiled from the New York Knicks. His last shot with an NBA team was with the Boston Celtics, but they did not bring him back for a second year.

If he plans to make this job work he will have to do a better job of being a  team player. The last NBA player to play for this team, Bonzi Wells, was fired for coming back late from a vacation and he was averaging 34 points per game. Looking at Marbury’s past most would say he can’t make it work but he’ll have to figure out a way if he ever wants to play in the NBA again. If all else fails he can always use this experience to market his shoe brand to China.

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