From Zero to Zero

NBA superstar. 100 million dollar man. Convicted felon? One of these words doesn’t fit but unfortunately it is a reality for the man known to sports fans as Agent Zero. Gilbert Arenas will most likely be going to prison for a while on weapons possession charges, which carries a 5 year maximum sentence.

Although there have been many versions of what happened between Arenas and his teamate, Javaris Crittenton, Arenas stated in court reports that the fued started with money owed in a card game. It escalated when Arenas said he would burn Crittenton’s car or shoot him in the face. Then Crittenton said he would shoot Arenas in his knee. Two days later Arenas brought four guns to the locker room, laid them out and placed a not beside them the said: “Pick One”. That led Crittenton to get his own gun and threaten Arenas.

When NBA commisioner David Stern heard about it, he gave Arenas the benefit of the doubt and allowed him to play while it was being sorted out. Unfortunately Arenas did not see the severity of the situation and made joking remarks about the commissioners attitude. That coupled with a pre-meditated routine that had Arenas in the middle of the pre-game huddle pretending to shoot guns caused him to be suspended from the league indefinately.

Now Arenas has much more to worry about. His sponsor, Addidas, has dropped him because of his current situation and the Wizards are seeking to void his contract. On top of his money issues, it is not clear whether David Stern will be willing to let Arenas back in the league so quickly. His carrer and life are pretty much at a standstill until his sentencing date, which is March 26. Until then he’ll have to sit and think about how he went from the hero know as Agent Zero to an outcast.

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