Let ‘Em In

Now that Mark McGuire has finally told America what they already assumed about his steroid abuse, I think it is time Major League Baseball writers let players with steroid cloud into Cooperstown. The entire decade of the 90’s has a cloud of guilt when it comes to steroids in baseball. Every player who has been successful is looked at suspiciously because of the errors of a few. Even players who show no signs of performance enhancement have been questioned because of that era.

Soon to be Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera was asked had he used steroids because he has been so good even into his 40’s. It is unfair to the players who have done nothing wrong to always have the cloud above their head. So Baseball writers should vote PED users into the hall and put an asterisk next to the name. This way they won’t have to worry about the current home run record holder or a 300 game, 7 CY Young winning pitcher not being represented in the hall.

I say let them in and let history sort out the rest. 50 years from now their legacy will be whatever they made it and the players in that era who didn’t cheat will not have to suffer the consequences of a few.

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