Offense wins Championships

Take a close look a the teams left in the playoffs. See anything similar? Well minus the Cinderella New York Jets, every team left in the playoffs has a high scoring offense. The Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings and the New Orléans Saints all finished the season ranked in the top ten in points per game and yards per game.

This is an interesting trend that goes against all conventional sports knowledge. Defense is supposed to be the cornerstone of a great team. Defense is supposed to step up in big moments and win it for the  home team. They don’t hold up O’s and fences in the stands. But somehow three high-powered offensive teams are only two wins away from hoisting the Lombardi trophy.

Now with all due respect going to the Jets, nobody expected them to be in this situation. Although they have a great defense, which is ranked number one in the league, they have a tough time scoring points consistently. The trend now seen in the league is score, score, score until time runs out. It is possible that the Jets could win the Superbowl, but very unlikely. Chances are we will see two offensive giants battle it out for the championship.

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