In about 2 weeks one of my favorite sporting events will take place in Dallas, Texas. But unfortunately one of he biggest stars in the NBA will not participate. You guessed it. I’m talking about Lebron James (my favorite NBA player by the way) backing out of the dunk contest. 

This move basically means that this year’s dunk contest will probably be like the last few; mildly entertaining for about 20 minutes, full of corny gimmicks and overall mediocre. The prospect of having a big star like James would make the dunk contest exciting like it used to be when the best players competed. Now fans are lucky to get players who can actually dunk the ball at all.

I think the NBA will have to up the ante in the future so  these bigger names can compete. As for this year, I will watch but I won’t get excited. And as for my favorite player, I will refer to him as King Lame for backing out.

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