Who’s Number 1?

This week Kobe Bryant passed Laker legend Jerry West on the list of points scored in Laker’s history. (Hold for applause.)

This is an amazing accomplishment considerering the fact that Jerry West is the NBA logo. However, this has brought up many questions about who the greatest Laker player of all time is. And for some strange reason many people believe it is or will be Kobe in the near future. Well I’m sorry to disapoint all the Kobe lovers but he’s nowhere near the top.

Now I am a firm believer in the saying “numbers don’t lie”, but in this case they are misleading. Kobe is the leader in points, but take into account the fact that there wasn’t a 3 point line in West’s era. And I think Shaq said it best in his freestyle, “Kobe couldn’t do it without me.” That’s right Kobe only has one ring without Shaq. So who is the best? One word, Magic. Earvin “Magic” Johnson is the greatest Laker of all time because he could dominate every aspect of the game. He is 4th all time in assists in the NBA and has over 17,000 points in his carreer as well as his 5 championships numerous MVP awards. And if an untimely and unfortunate contracting of HIV had not happened he would have compiled more stats and more rings.

So sorry to all you Kobe lovers out there but he’s probably 5 on the list of Laker greats. You gotta go Magic for the greatest of all-time.

  1. I completely admire this topic… It’s been debated by many! I am definitely a Kobe cheerleader, but the points stated above have made challenging truth. Keep this up!

    • preston smith
    • February 9th, 2010

    I concur.

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