The Mike Vick Project

This week I watched Michael Vick’s new documentary show on BET and was pleasantly surprised at how interesting and insightful it was. I’m not the die-hard Vick fan who knows all of his stats at VA tech or one of those guys who thought he was the greatest thing to touch gridiron. However, I do think he is one of the best athletes in pro sports and I am glad to see he is getting a chance to redeem himself.

Of course he got his shot to prove himself on the field this season with the Philadelphia Eagles, but this show is a great way to show how he has grown as a person. Personally I always felt Vick was hunted down unfairly in the dog fighting case but I’m glad to see he has decided to address the situation publicly.

Now all Vick has to do is wow an NFL team and show them he still has the skills he had before going to jail. Then we can go from the Mike Vick Project to the always entertaining Mike Vick Experience.

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