Breaking the Rules

Pitchers and catchers report in seven days, so I have to talk about the World Champion New York Yankees. Specifically about a player who is finally getting a chance to let loose and show his talents. Joba Chamberlain will get his shot to start in the rotation with no holds on him.

If you’re not familiar with the situation Chamberlain has always had to play by the “Joba Rules”. These rules governed his pitch count and how many innings he could pitch, and in my opinion, stifled his growth as a pitcher. Chamberlain was a starter when he came out of college, and in the minor leagues, but once he got to the big leagues he became a sensation in the bullpen. But for some strange reason Yankee’s coaches were not comfortable just letting him loose and moved him back and forth at every drop of a hat.

His career numbers are not Cy Young worthy by any chance (15-9 3.61 ERA) but he passes the “eye test” for being able to be an effective starter. Now he just has to out duel Phil Hughes, another good young pitcher looking for a starting spot. It shouldn’t be hard now that he’s ditched the training wheels and crib.

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