Old Dogs, Old Grudge

Imagine getting into a fight and losing. Not hard for most people who have been in fights right? Now imagine not being able to get back at the person for 17 years. Well Bernard Hopkins will get his shot at revenge against Roy Jones Jr. on April 3.

The idea that two 40 year olds (Hopkins-45, Jones-41) are going to fight may not seem like a big deal to most people, but these two feel that this fight is extremely personal. Jones won by decision the first time the two fought each other but to Hopkins it was worse than a knockout. 17 years later Hopkins believes he has th upper hand because he has mastered the basics that Roy Jones never had to use because of his exceptional talent.

This fight will be one for the record books not only because of the ages but because of the large span of time between the two bouts. I’m still mad about losing a fight in the 6th grade so I know Hopkins can’t wait to step in the ring and prove all of his doubters wrong.

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