On to The Next One…

One of the biggest stars in boxing will be in action against another huge star this spring. Unfortunately no one really cares about the fight or its outcome because it’s not the fight anybody wanted.

About a week ago Floyd Mayweather signed a contract to fight against Shane Mosley. Both are skilled and seasoned fighters who have been very successful in their respective careers, but Floyd is clearly better than Mosley at this point. Mosley is nearing the end of his career at 39 years old, while Floyd is 32 and in his prime. And if Mosley somehow was able to pull off a win, which would probably rank as one of the biggest upsets in boxing, it would diminish the hype for the fight everyone really wants to see, Pacquaio V. Mayweather.Mayweather in his heart of hearts knows that this fight is meaningless because he avoided fighting Mosley when he first came out of a brief retirement. What’s will most likely happen is Mayweather will prove to be too fast for the aging Mosley and he will add another win to his impressive record.

After that…well…he has no choice but to fight Manny Pacquaio. So I say lets get this fight over with as soon as possible and move on to the real fight Pacquaio V. Mayweather.

    • preston smith
    • February 22nd, 2010

    Okay!!! Now you already know that Im a HUGE Mayweather fan from the uncle the daddy AND the son. Now what you probably didnt know is that I am also a fan of Shane Mosley. I happened to be in Vegas when Vernon Forrest( may he rest in peace) beat the wheels off him. I wouldnt discount Mosley so fast. The same way that Hopkins feels he can beat Roy (serious training regimine) I feel that the same could happen in this fight. Now as for your boy “juice pop” as I like to call him. When he gets off the HGH then he can consider fighting $ Mayweather but until then I guess it will be “on to the next one” It just wont be Pac Man.

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