Vimeo is the future

Whenever people talk about video sharing all you hear is YouTube this and YouTube that. But often when I’m looking to watch a video on YouTube I’ll get some computer nerds remix. I don’t want the Alvin and The Chipmunks version of 99 Problems.

So I decided to get a new video provider. Vimeo. Vimeo, which was launched in 2004 is one of many alternatives to big, bad YouTube. They currently have over 2 million users including Kanye West, Brittney Spears, and this other guy named Barack Obama. You can go with basic Vimeo, which allows you to upload 500MB of storage per week, as well as the ability to watch videos in HD. It also allows you to share videos with other users, and on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flicker, and Digg. If you want the premium service, Vimeo Plus, you can pay $60 a year, or $10 a month. That service allows you to upload 5 GB of video per week and my favorite part, watch videos with no banner ads popping up. 

But don’t just take my word for it check out Vimeo for yourself.

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