NBA Flunk Contest

If you were lucky you missed the NBA dunk contest on Saturday. It was supposed to showcase of the league’s most athletic and creative players. Unfortunately all it showed the record sell out crowd and the millions of fans around the world was that a contest without stars is meaningless and boring.

Saturday’s contest was hands down the absolute worst of all time (Kanye Shrug). In fact they might have been better off doing a lay-up competition. Shannon Brown, a player who many thought would win the competition, didn’t even make it out of the first round and he made a website dedicated to the dunk contest. Gerald Wallace should be suspended for his extreme lack of creativity. His first dunk, which was a simple reverse, would not have won a high school competition. Demar Derozan had the best dunk of the night, which had his teammate throw it of the side of the backboard while he followed and jammed it home. But that dunk had already been done by Rudy Gay two years ago. Nate Robinson, who became the first ever three-time slam dunk champion was consistent, but none of his dunks made you say “WOW”.

The worst part was not hearing the largest crowd ever assembled roar at a great dunk. If NBA was hoping to see if they could draw a crowd that big on a nightly basis, they might be out of luck. As far as next year’s contest goes I say the NBA puts some better incentives in for the players. We need LeBron James’ and Derrick Rose’s and Dwayne Wade’s in next year’s contest. I think there should be a dunk contest committee that is made up of former winners. Until they do that, we will keep getting duds like the one we saw on saturday.

    • preston smith
    • February 22nd, 2010

    I have to say I agree.

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