What Wrong With UNC?

If you’re North Carolina Tar Heel fan, it may be time for you to get worried. With only six games left in the regular season, the Heels are close to the bottom of the ACC and the only team they’ve been able to beat lately is North Carolina State, which is in last place in the conference.

Many analysts believe they will not make the field of 65 at all and will play in the NIT. That’s a huge fall for a team that won the national championship in last year’s tournament. So what happened to the Tar Heels? The same thing that happens to all teams that win a championship. The good players either graduated or went to the NBA draft, and the players who should have stayed thought they were going to be stars and went to the draft. Now the team is full of young potential but no leaders or go-to players.

Believe it or not this could be a good thing for UNC. It’s never easy to come into a season with the “Champion” tag on. Especially when most of the major players from the championship team are gone. The Tar Heels were not going to repeat with the team they have assembled. This losing season gives the team a legitimate goal to reach for next season. So dry your eyes UNC fans, you’ll be back next year.

    • LaMarr Hill
    • February 17th, 2010

    man it hurt me so much to see these guys go out like this

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