Winter Olympics

A friend of mine noticed that I didn’t like the NBA’s all-star weekend and suggested that I watch the 2010 Winter Olympics. So I did. And surprisingly I was more impressed than I though I would be. However, I think they should rethink some of these sports.

First up, curling. Really? It just hits the qualifications of a sport for me because the rock is 40 pounds, but other than that its got to be the worst “sport” ever. Next up is Ice skating, which seems to be the signature sport for the Winter Olympics. If I wanted to see someone skate to “A Whole New World”, I would go see Disney on Ice.

The sports that make the Winter Olympics watchable are the obvious ones. First would be Hockey because team sports are just easier to root for. Next would be snowboarding because of the amazing stunts and tricks the athletes do in air. Last would be the Luge competition because of the high speeds.

If the Olympic committee could somehow show more of the cool sports I think more people would watch. But I can do with out the ice sweeping.

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