Crocodile Tears From Tiger

If you’re like me and you watched Tiger Wood’s “press conference” or “statement” or whatever that was supposed to be, you probably were thinking…C’mon Son.

Tiger’s seven minute apology was laughable at best. It didn’t really need to be done, because most people were over the story. He stumbled and paused throughout the speech, which makes me wonder if he wrote it. It certainly didn’t answer any questions about what happened and what will happen in the future. And on top of all of that he didn’t get his image back. And he made it worse by getting mad at the media for following his family members around after the scandal made news. Hello? You’re only the biggest sports star on the planet. What were you expecting? To top all of it off Tiger goes to his mother and starts crying on her shoulder at the end of the press conference.

The only good things that came out of this “statement” or “apology”, were him saying he will play golf again eventually and him saying he will keep his private life private. I respect him for saying he will keep his personal affairs between his wife and himself, because it’s not the public’s business. As far as his statement goes…he should probably get a better publicist to write his speeches.

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