Sibling Rivalry

At some point in every person’s childhood, they learn that it isn’t good to be a tattletale. No kid wants to be the outcast. Well apparently The Mcgwire family did not teach this to they’re children.

Last week Jay Mcqwire did an interview about his upcoming book. The book discusses his steriod use and his brother’s steroid use. In the interview Jay hinted that his book would shed light on Mark’s steroid use and give the real truth. Jay says that his brother used steriods not just for health and recovery but to get stronger and better.

To his credit Jay Mcgwire also admits his own steriod use in the book. But was it really neccessary to throw his brother under the bus? Mark has already admitted to steriod use during his carreer but no his brother is putting him all the way out there. Needless to say Thanksgiving dinner  is going to be awkward this year.

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