Changing the Rules

NFL fans can rejoice today because the Rules committee has decided to change the overtime rules for NFL playoff games.

The rules now state that the team that loses the coin toss will get an offensive possession if the team that wins the coin toss scores a field goal on the first possession. Basically one team has to score 6 points (two field goals or one touchdown) to win in the overtime period. Although this rule only applies to overtime right now, the rules committee will meet again in may to discuss expanding to the regular season. If you’re wondering why this is significant just ask all of the NFL fans who have had their team lose by a field goal without getting the ball. In fact ask the Minnesota Vikings’ offense. They never saw the field in the overtime period of the NFC championship game. For years people have debated whether the rules were fair and the only responses were, “play better defense” and my favorite, “tails never fails.”

This rule change is a great idea and I hope it gets extended to the regular season and if we’re lucky the NFL will get rid of ties. One step at a time.

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