Bracket Busted

If you did a bracket this year there is a very large possibility that it is completely busted. If you were “smart” like me and picked Kansas to win, because they were sooo solid and sooo deep with talent and blah, blah, blah, then you have no shot at winning your pool. In fact none of the brackets entered in the tournament have a perfect sweet 16.

Now I may not be an old man but never have I seen so many good teams go down in the first weekend of the NCAA tournament. Georgetown, Villanova, Pitt, New Mexico are all out of the big dance and have been replaced by the cinderella teams Northern Iowa,  Cornell, Washington and Saint Mary’s. Some people love the cinderella  story factor of the NCAA tournament but I hate it. Small teams can upset big teams and get a lot of notoriety, but they never go all the way. So they pretty much serve no purpose in the tournament.

For the record I still have three teams alive in my bracket; Kentucky, Baylor and Syracuse. If I had to pick one i think I would take Syracuse, but this year you just never know. I hope one of these Cinderella teams proves me wrong, but I doubt they will.

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