Lucky Son of a Gun

Gilbert Arenas may have gottten the biggest break of all-time. African-American males all across the country were proud of Arenas because he did something that only OJ simpson did. He beat the charges head on. Well kind of.

Arenas was facing the possibility of at least 3-6 months in prison for his gun possession charge and he some how came away with 30 days in a halfway house. Well to make it look good they threw in two years of probation. This is capital of the most powerful country in the world by the way and they just said “here’s a slap on the wrist kid now run along and play.” I’ve come up with two explanations. Either the Wizards higher-ups have deep government ties or The judge looked at Gilbert and thought “This guy won’t make out alive” (which is what I was thinking.)

Nevertheless he beat the system and for that I am glad. It’s very long overdue if you ask Michael Vick or Plaxico Burress or your neighborhood bootleg DVD sales man.

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