NBA Awards

With the NBA season coming to a close the best players have had enough time to make their cases for the various regular season awards. So here’s my take on who should win which awards:

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Lebron James is the clear favorite to win MVP. He is, hands down, the best all around player in the NBA. He leads the league in ponts per game with 29.8 and is sixth in assists with 8.6. The Cavs have the best record in the league and it’s due in large part to James.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: If you go by the definition of the best one-on-one defender like I do then you would agree that Ron Artest is the defensive player of the year. Artest can guard anyone on the wing and can even take a power forward in the post. If he was in the NFL he would be Darrelle Revis.  

SIXTH-MAN: Jamaal Crawford had this award won months ago. He comes off of the bench, does his job and has put the Atlanta Hawks in the conversation championship contenders.

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER: Kevin Durant went from pretty good pro to “ummm he could win MVP” in just one year. His team is competing and beating some of the best in the East and West. I don’t think a player has ever made such a drastic jump to the top of the league as KD has.  

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: This rookie class has been very talented especially at point guard. But the one who stands out to me is Brandon Jennings. Aside from the crazy hairstyles he tries he is the best all around rookie. Not to mention he has his team at the 5th spot in the East.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Scott Brooks aka “whoever the coach is for the Thunder” is definitely the favorite. The Thunder were competitive last year and showed some flashes but nobody expected them to be this good. Except for Scott Brooks.

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