Blue Devil Heaven

This time the Butler didn’t do it. Butler University, as much as they tried, could not take down Duke. Not even in their home town. It was a game that many consider to be a classic. It was close all the way to the final buzzer, but some how coach K’s team pulled it out.

These may be the two most underrated teams to play for a championship in the tournament’s history. Duke has been solid all year but went under the radar for the most part. Butler has never even gotten this far and certainly wasn’t anyone’s pick to win the whole thing at the start of the tourney. Now that it’s all over the one thing that was shown was the more overall talent you have the more successful you will be. Duke has five solid starters, guys like Bryan Zubeck were the X-factor for them. What was most important was they had more than one guy who could get the job done. Singler, Smith, and Scheyer are all good players with NBA talent and they showed that through out the year.

This win also bolsters Coach K’s already amazing resume. Many put him up there with John Wooden as the best college coach of all time and with all he’s done it’s hard to argue against it. Congrats to Duke for being the champs of the college basketball world.

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