Draft Talk- Primetime Bust

The NFL draft is just two days away and I have never been less excited to see it. This years draft will be in primetime for the first time ever, but I’m not sure this class has the flash to live up to the hype.

The player most expect to go first overall has more questions than the SAT. The person people say is the best overall player, Ndamking Suh, is one of the mos quiet people in the draft and the most well-known player, Tim Tebow, is projected to be a bust by many experts.

This years draft is all over the place and I honestly don’t think non-football fans will care about which players go where. I don’t even think die-hard fans will be watching intently either because there will be so many other things on TV that night.

Unless the original “Primetime” (Deion Sanders for those who don’t know) is getting re-drafted, there is no reason for the draft to be in primetime.

    • T.M.R.
    • April 21st, 2010

    I totally agree the overall draft seems to be overshadowed because most analyst seemed to be more fascinated on whether Tim Tebow will develop the basics skills fast enough to be accepted as a viable NFL quaterback

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