Marathon Mets

The NY Mets and St. Louis Cardinals had a 20 inning, six and a half  hour game on Saturday that had no score for 18 innings. The Mets pulled it out in the end but used nine pitchers to do it. The Cardinals used 10 of their guys in the game as well.

I can only imagine what it’s like to play practically a double-header in one game. As a fan I can’t say that I would stick around and watch the whole game even if it was my team. Maybe not even for the playoffs.

What’s really funny about this game is that it was only three hours longer than the Yankees vs Red Sox season opener, which umpires complained was too long. But the most hilarious thing was that there was zero enthusiasm on the winning team’s faces. I can’t blame them though, because who really cares after 6 hours and 53 minutes anyway.

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