I’ve been watching basketball for a while now; I’d like to say five, but I’m not completely sure about it. In all my years of watching the NBA (sorry for sounding like an old person) I’ve never seen anything more dumb or annoying than players having mouthpieces hanging out of their mouths. And it seems to be spreading like wild fire.

News flash guys this is not cool.


And neither is this:

Whatever happened to chewing gum? It work for MJ all those years. I don’t remember when this “trend” started, but I hope it goes away eventually. I tired of seeing close-ups of players with things hanging out of their mouths during dead ball situations.

Not to down play the physicality of the NBA, but it’s not like they’re boxing out there. If anyone in sports needs a mouthpiece it’s Eric Belanger. NBA players….ehhh not so much.

    • K.Morg
    • April 29th, 2010

    lol.. this is very true. I never really noticed it before. But it doesn’t really bother me though. One person who does stand out to me is Gerald Wallace though. He stay chewing on his as he be driving to the basket lmao

  1. True, very true! Thye take it out like every 5 seconds to call a play of somthing and touch all over it with thier dirty hands…yuck…

  2. def agree..kinda disgusting at times

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