CP3 to NYC?

Chris Paul to The Empire State?

Don’t hold your breath Knicks fans.

If New Yorkers have learned one thing this summer it’s, “don’t believe it until they sign it” (see LeBron and Joe Johnson).

But, the Chris Paul situation is an interesting one. The all-star point guard has stated that he no longer wants to be a part of the Hornets and would like to be sent to NY, Dallas, Portland, Orlando or LA.

Some might say that this is a result of a toast at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding reception, when Paul, Melo and Amare said they were forming their Big 3 during a speech. Others may say it started when he saw how much attention his good friend LeBron received for “The Decision”. You could even speculate that it happened when he was on the redeem team in 2008 Olympics.

I personally think it started when New Orleans fired, former head coach, Byron Scott. That move basically said, “We’re no longer interested in winning,” and they haven’t been close since.

Now that Paul sees everyone else getting better he wants to join in on the action and rightfully so. Paul is the best point guard in the NBA and deserves the chance to be in a place that has winning as a top priority.

Unfortunately for Paul the Hornets aren’t stupid enough to give him up before the season like he’s asking. Why would they? And why New York? As much as I love the Knicks’ roster right now, they have nothing to offer New Orleans; especially if they plan on contending in the eastern conference.

As for Los Angeles and Dallas, I don’t think they would trade to a conference rival and have CP kill them in the future.

There are two scenarios that I see happening:

1. Paul plays about 20-30 games, the Hornets decide they won’t win either way and trade him to Orlando for Jameer Nelson, a wing player and possibly a draft pick. (Just imagine Dwight catching lobs from everywhere on the court for a second..)

2. Paul is forced to play the whole season and gets his trade during the 2011 off-season. (Assuming a bargaining agreement is reached by then.)

CP3 isn’t the type of player that will sit out and not play; he is too classy and too much of a team player to do that.

But, he will leave one way or another, whether it be through a trade or through his expiring contract in 2012.

The main point here is whenever CP3 leaves, I don’t see him going to NY.

Then again, nobody expected James, Wade and Bosh to be in Miami.

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