Alex Rodriguez’s career has been filled with numerous ups and a fair share of downs. He has been loved, hated, despised, envied and resented. Now that he’s at the doorstep of 600 home-runs it seems he could be better classified as forgotten.

Unless you’re from another planet, you know baseball has had its share of controversy when it comes to records and those who have chased them in the past 20 years. It’s no secret that A-Rod has use PED’s and that others who have been successful were successful because of them. In the case of Barry Bonds chasing the all-time HR record, more people watched because of the alleged steroid allegations then to actually see the historic event for it’s intended purpose.

But none of that seems to be the case with A-Rod. It seems like people will treat his 17th HR of 2010 the same way they would treat the 17th of any other season. Quite a fall for the sport’s biggest star.

So why doesn’t anyone care?

Some might say that numbers no longer mean anything, because steroid users have cracked into baseball’s most hallowed ground.

I chalk it up to one word: Hate.

Hate was often the fuel for people watch A-Rod. Some people just wanted to see him fail. Now that he’s admitted to using steroids and won a championship there’s no reason to hate on A-Rod anymore.

I think people just liked hating on him because he made so much money, but had struggles in the playoffs. Now he’s just does his job and doesn’t say anything. Aside from the Dallas Braden fiasco, (which was dumb and blown out of proportion) I can’t remember Rodriguez being the center of attention this year.

Whether you love him or hate him, he will eventually be the 7th Major League player to hit 600 home runs, no matter how much attention he gets for it.

  1. Love the article, it was definitely well worth the read. Alex Rodriguez is obviously going to get to 600 but i still will always have this feeling that it is somewhat tainted just like i do with so many other steroid users. People don’t like A-Rod the way they do with other guys either, which I think really hurts him. A-Rod will go down as one of the greatest players to play the gaem but it might not be fully justified. I hope more information comes out at some point. Also, you think you could check out my article cuz I really wanna hear your opinion on my thoughts.

  2. The funny thing is, even if A-Rod hadn’t used steroids, he still would have gone down as one of the best hitters/fielders of our generation. But that’s the thing: A-Rod wasn’t going to settle for being “one” of the best. He wanted to be THE best. After that colossal contract he took with Texas, the pressure was on to succeed, and succeed fast. Hence, the PEDs. He might have reached 600 in his career being clean, like Griffey did, because he’s that talented of a hitter. Instead, he’s always going to have that label attached to his name.

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