Cincinnati Takes It To a Whole Notha’ Level!

There’s isn’t enough popcorn in the world to prepare Cincinnati for what’s coming their way.

Chad Johnson or Ochocinco is known for being a one man variety show. Not only do you get a show on the field, you also get the occasional sideshow — sending Pepto-Bismal to the opposing team or, my personal favorite, bribing the referee with a dollar to change the call; of course the name change and reality TV show go without saying. Basically, Chad is a media magnet.

Enter Terrell Owens. The original “King of All Sports Media“. The first football player to endorse Sharpie markers, directly after scoring a touchdown. The man who said “I didn’t throw up in the huddle..” in reference to his McNabb during the Super Bowl.

Well now these two loudmouth, playmakers are on the same team with one goal: Win a championship with as much publicity and attention as possible.

Can you even blame these guys for wanting to be together? The NFL is known for being the no fun league. Anytime players try to liven the game up, the NFL gives out ridiculous fines to make sure people don’t think the league is full of criminals (Thanks a lot Pac-Man Jones!).

But these two guys are not convicts and should not be treated as such. They’re just two guys who love football and a good laugh. You cannot deny that both players have out of this world talent — even if one’s talent is diminishing — and they’re egos should not give them bad reputations *coughSkipBaylesscough*

I’m eager to see how this team plays in the 2010 season. I think Owens will have to get more comfortable going across the middle because he’s no as much of a deep threat as he used to be. The fact that Antonio Bryant is on the team helps as well and teams will have to respect the run and pass.

Long story short Cincy took they’re team to a Whole…Notha…Level with this move.

Maybe HBO will switch Hard Knocks last-minute..

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