The Rookie of the Year award in baseball will probably end up going some guy named Stephen Strasburg. A fair choice, but minus the fan fare and hype he may not be the most outstanding player.

My choice for rookie of the year would be Pirates third baseman Pedro Alvarez. Alvarez was billed as the savior of the Pirates organization when he was called up mid-season. This team definitely needs a Messiah since it has not had a winning record since Barry Bonds left for San Fran (for the folks keeping count at home that’s 17 years).

Alvarez along with his other rookie teammates, Jose Tabata and Neil Walker, have brought a little bit of life back to PNC. The Pirates are nowhere near contenders — in fact they might extend the streak to 18-straight losing seasons — but they have players that are fun to watch.

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Not only has Alvarez brought a swagger to the team he has also produced while in the majors. Alvarez is hitting.243 with 10 home runs and 32 runs batted in after 48 games in the big leagues. Compare that to another outstanding rookie who also received much hype this year Jason Heyward — .262 12 homers 51 RBI’s — and you see why I say Pedro’s the real deal. Throw in the fact that he has very little protection in the line-up or good pitching — Pirates are 29th in staff ERA and batting average — and he might be the best rookie in the MLB.

My favorite thing about Alvarez was that he made a grown man do this:

I’ll take Alvarez over the rest of the rookies right now as far as career’s go. He just has that it factor that can’t be ignored. Just watch and you’ll see it too.

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