I’ll make these as short as possible since they aren’t particularly new.

  • BRETT FAVRE – I seriously contemplated finding and kidnapping him if he doesn’t stay retired. I am very much done with Brett Favre and his ongoing tale of unneccessary drama. A rapper once said, “Serius it’s over, no I’m serious, it’s over” (Look up Serius Jones vs Murda Mook) and that is the case with Favre. No matter how hard he tries he cannot change his legacy positively at this point in his career. He had an amazing season last year and it still didn’t change many people’s minds about him. He’s somewhere between 3-5 on the all-time QB list and he will not go up or down no matter what. Time to hang it up Brett.
  • REVIS VS THE JETS – Darelle Revis is the best player on the best defense in the NFL. Unfortunately he is being paid like any other Joe Schmo. Now I do not particularly agree with the hold-out completely because it interferes with chemistry, but he certainly needs to be paid more than he is getting now. When players who have not stepped onto the field get more than you and you almost went to the Super Bowl because your defense was just that good, there is a huge problem. And in the NFL you can get cut in a NY minute (pun slightly intended) so you have to make sure you financially secure. No argument about this one. Pay the man.
  • JASON PLUNKETT? – Raiders’ owner Al Davis recently named Jason Campbell the second coming of Jim Plunkett. Should Raiders fans be excited? Possibly. Campbell is good no doubt and I think the Raiders are going to sneak up on people and win the division. However, anything Al Davis says means nothing to me. He’s so old Jim Plunkett might be the last QB he remembers. Ok that was harsh, but Davis has not made very many good decisions in his advanced age and he continues to hover over the team and try to the AFC version of Jerry Jones. Jason Campbell has it all and I have no concerns about what he can do. Al Davis on the other hand needs to get on the same bus as Brett Favre.
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