When I saw that the Knicks were trying to bring back Isiah Thomas I had one thought, “YOU MUST BE OUT YO’ COTTON PICKIN’ MIND!”. That’s something my aunt would say to me when I said or did something utterly stupid and ridiculous — like bring back the worst General Manager in Knicks history.

I think James Dolan just likes to be hated by everyone. He’s the one who thought Isiah should come back after the losing records and the scandals and more losing. Isiah wasn’t a horrible scout of talent, he definitely couldn’t manage it from a GM or coaching position. So what would posses Dolan to even contemplate having him return with the team in any aspect? Who would want to  consult with Isiah about anything NBA related?

Not only should Isiah stay as far away as physically possible, James Dolan needs to be bought out because he’s a horrible owner. He doesn’t know anything about basketball and it shows when he tried to bring back his worst hire as an owner.

“It just don’t make good sense.” That’s something my aunt would say when she was puzzled, which all of New York and the NBA are when it comes to these two. Thankfully Thomas cannot assume a position because of the conflict of interest — Thomas is the coach at FIU — but the fact that it was thought about is bad enough. It almost negates everything they did this off-season to get back on track. If I had my druthers, Dolan would be together in at FIU and as far away from the Knicks as possible.

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