The Good Ole Loophole

This week Jeremiah Masoli, the former QB for the Oregon Ducks, was allowed to play after he appealed the original decision the NCAA gave him earlier in the week. Originally Masoli was supposed to sit out a year because he transferred to Mississippi University to play football. Masoli basically used a loophole in the NCAA’s system to transfer from Oregon where he was kicked off of the football team for his involvement in a robbery. However, because he did graduate from the school and still had a year of eligibility, Masoli was able to transfer and use an academic rule to play this season.

This is great news for Ole Miss because they have no back-up QB on the roster that come close to Masoli in talent. Masoli was one of the biggest reasons that Oregon was on top of the Pac-10 last year. His dual-threat abilities at QB will definitely be an asset to Ole Miss. Not to mention the SEC is a little easier this year now that Superman Tim Tebow is gone and Reigning Heisman winner Mark Ingram is out early in the season.

The only thing that bothers me about this is that Masoli, head coach Houston Nutt, and everyone else who followed the situation knows that he didn’t transfer for academic reasons.

I do think Masoli is trying to change his life around, as does his coach, but technically there is no lesson learned here. Except maybe, if you can get over, do it!

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