Bare with me for a minute. Disregard all the reports from ESPN and all of these “insiders” who swear on the Bible that they know football and use your brain for one second.

Matt Leinart won a championship and a Heisman at USC. Pete Carrol was the coach at USC. Matt Leinart was just released from the Arizona Cardinals. Pete Carrol now coaches one of the rivals of that team — The Seattle Seahawks. The current quarterback of the Seahawks is 34 and has a bad back and knee. Did I mention Matt Leinart used to play for Pete Carrol?

If you haven’t caught on basically the idea is Matt Leinart is perfect for Seattle. Leinart strongly believes that he should be a starter right now and not too many teams believe that, except maybe his former college coach. It is very possible that Leinart is just another pretty boy posing as an NFL QB and can’t play the position at this level. I just can’t see that. People don’t just win Heisman trophies without having some kind of talent. And Leinart was never given a fair shot to get the job. The Cardinals brought in a different coach and quarter back and

sat Leinart on the bench.

With Pete Carrol Leinart has a great chance to succeed. In fact it may be the only place he can succeed because most teams are looking at him for back-up purposes. I’m no “insider”, but I know for a fact this would be a good move.

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