The term Most Valuable Player (MVP) is one of the most debated and argued topics in sports especially in a sport where one player can dominate individually. Some say it means the best player on the best team, others say it’s the best player in the sport and some say it’s the person who has the worst supporting cast, but still puts up good numbers. The consensus definition is that an MVP is the player most responsible for their team’s success (whatever that means).

The 2011 NBA MVP was Derrick Rose. The youngest player to ever win the award and the first to win it for the Chicago Bulls since..that’s right “His Airness” Micheal Jordan. Rose went from middle of the pack to the top of the league in one year and took his team from the 8th seed in the eastern conference to number 1. He did it with two of his starting big men — Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah — missing about 50 games between them. He averaged 25 ponts and 7.7 assists per game during the regular season the only player to be in the top 10 for both categories. He’s soared over defenses, made opposing players look foolish trying to stay in front of him and given Chicago fans a reason to believe that there is life after Jordan. And with all that said, he’s still not the MVP.

The best player in the NBA during the regular season was LeBron James. He’s been the best player for the past few years and was the MVP two years in a row before Rose won it this year. After leaving Cleveland to go to Miami and play with two other superstars, the perception of James changed drastically. His expectations also went through the roof because of the team he would have around him. Rose, on the other hand, didn’t have expectations this high.

Most expected Rose and the Bulls to become a top four team in the east, but not the best. So James never had a fair chance to be considered the best player because he had “too much help”. And even with all the help that James had he still averaged what he averages for his career 27 points 7 rebounds and 7 assists. He was named to the NBA’s all defensive team and he is the only player to be unanimously voted First Team All-NBA.

Now that we are coming up on game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals Jame’s has proved that he is the best player on his team and on the floor against the Bulls. He has done all of the little things writers and analysts have criticized him for all season. He closed out game 2 against the Bulls scoring nine of the Heat’s 14 fourth quarter points. He’s made 26 of 33 free throws during this series and he’s played smothering defense on every opposing player on the court including the MVP Derrick Rose.

Some may say that what James is doing in the playoffs doesn’t matter because the MVP is regular season award. I say the playoffs have forced people to look at James and remember just how good he is. And if you’ve really been watching, you have to agree.

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