Tim Tebow

I have a confession. I like Tim Tebow. Not in a man crush kind of way. But purely as a football player — notice I said football player, but we’ll get to that.

Let’s go back in the story first. I used to hate Tim Tebow. Praying after every touchdown, always smiling winning championships with jump passed. In my head I would think “I hope somebody really hits this guy”. And they did, but he just got back up and kept playing and winning. Which made me even more angry! It definitely didn’t help when he made “The Speech“. To top it off he’s playing in the SEC which people seem to think is the NFL of college football. In my eyes Tebow was overrated and lucky, but he just kept winning.

Then comes the NFL combine process. After a terrible showing is the senior bowl Tebow is being told he has to learn to throw the football all over again. A two-time National championship winning quarterback, who also has a Heisman trophy has to learn how to throw? Pathetic. I actually felt sorry for him. But, Tebow did it anyway. He worked hard on his mechanics and threw at his pro-day. While some thought it was a great improvement, others said he delivery was still too long. Me? Well I was just trying figure out why his Pro-day was on TV.

Then in a surprise move he goes to Denver in the first round. (I’m purposely skipping over the hair cut, although it did bother me that people jumped to give him praise for being a team player) Then he sits on the bench and nobody really hears anything about him for a while. But on December 19, 2010 he gets his first start at quarterback against the Raiders. He puts up modest numbers, but the Broncos lose. His next is a 17 point comeback win over the Texans, scrambling into the endzone to tie the game.

It was respectable, but I still didn’t like the guy. Then came the lockout. This is where my disdain turned to the Roger Goodell NFL and it’s owners. All that time with no football made me appreciate the game much more. And on that glorious day when the NFL opened it’s doors to players who else shows up first to Broncos training camp? Tim freakin Tebow. Rumors where swirling that Kyle Orton was going to be traded and there was Tim Tebow was waltzing in trying to a head start on learning the new offense.

Unfortunately Orton wasn’t traded, which set up a QB battle. Eventually Tebow got his chance to prove it on the field, but lost out to Orton in a head to head battle. But the fans wanted Tebow. The fans knew what many including me didn’t want to admit: This guy can win.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter against Miami. The Dolphins are up 15-0 thinking the game is in the bag, and then it happens. Tebow throws two touchdown passes and scores on the tw0-point conversion to in the last 2 minutes to tie the game. The Bronco’s go on to win it in overtime. Wow! But it’s the Dolphins so how much can you read into it..right?

Well after a 35 point drubbing to the Lions the Broncos do it again. After a win over the Raiders and Chiefs, Tebow single handedly wills his team to a win over the Jets in the 4th quarter. Now I’m really starting to pay attention. Four wins, two which were fourth quarter comebacks with Tebow as a starter. And Only one interception at that point. Ridiculous.

Three fourth quarter comebacks later — two which came in overtime — Tebow has the Broncos in first place, John Elway looking foolish for not believing in him and John Fox looking like the coach of the year.

How can I hate a guy like that? Any player that good deserves to be loved by everybody. Forget whether he’s a devout christian or a Bible Belt-way Republican or a missionary who build churches with his bare hands and then hand writes Bibles for the whole village. None of that factors into him playing football. And if it does than more power to him.

Bottom line is Tebow wins games. Sure the Defense and running game help. It’s football. Football is a team sport. But the Defense and running game weren’t getting the team spectacular comeback wins in the beginning of the season. It’s Tebow. I can’t explain how he does it. Some of his passes are way off and he has a lot to improve on as a passer. But when you need a score he has Tom Brady’s arm and Peyton Manning’s accuracy.

Maybe he is just a flash in the pan. Maybe defenses will catch up to him in the future. It happens. As far as right now. All I see is a guy who puts it all out there and wins.

And it’s hard not to like a guy like that.

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