During the 2007 NFL regular season The New England Patriots were undefeated until they faced the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII. That year many thought the Patriots were the greatest team of all time because of their immaculate record and dominant performances. This year the Green Bay Packers tried to stake their claim as the NFL’s greatest. With a regular season record of 15-1 the Pack stormed through the regular season only to be upended by… the New York Giants. Interesting. Is it possible that the 2011 Giants are the greatest team of all-time? Sounds ridiculous, I know, but consider how they got to where they are.

Big Blue won its second Super Bowl in four seasons, coincidentally against the Patriots again. The Giants fought their way into the playoffs by beating the Jets and Cowboys in their last two regular season games and finished 9-7. That’s ties the worst record for any team to ever make the Super Bowl — the 79 L.A. Rams and 09 Arizona Cardinals are the others. New York won its first playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons at home and then went on the road to beat the 1 seeded Packers and the 2 seeded 49ers. Keep in mind this a team that lost four starting defensive players to injuries before the season started. The same team that lost four straight games in the middle of their season to the top three seeds in the NFC.

You might be asking yourself how that makes them great or even good for that matter. Many skeptics say the Giants were lucky or “got hot at the right time”. Wrong. The Giants overcame adversity in nearly every game they played this year. They had six comeback wins in the regular season and one in the NFC Championship game. Their fourth quarter comebacks were symbolic of their season. Some call that getting hot at the right time, but the fact is they were just better than the teams they played when it mattered.

Go ahead and call me crazy. Say I’m a homer. Say I know nothing about sports. I still say that the Giants 2011 season was arguably the greatest season of all-time. They didn’t go undefeated; they just came back. Again and again. They were the Rocky Balboa’s of the NFL. Their greatness lies in the fact that they never gave up and came back when no one saw coming. And everybody loves a comeback.

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