With one quarter  of the NFL season gone (see what I did there) and me being a writing mood lately, I’m going recap some of the memorable moments of the year to this point and preview some interesting things in the near future.


Ironically the biggest story of the year wasn’t a player or a coach, but the lockout of the officials. After what was arguably — probably definitely — the worst call of all time in National Football League  history, the NFL was forced to give the regular referees their jobs back; much to the delight of fans everywhere.

Unless you live under a rock then you know the Green Bay Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks 14-12 after the replacement officials called an interception on the last play a touchdown. The blown call set off a firestorm of controversy, (I love that phrase) which caused fans, former NFL players and analysts all across the country to question why the league would allow such and essential part of the game go lacking.

My favorite thing from that game though, was the complete disregard of the obvious by the Seahawks. Quarterback Russell Wilson — a pretty likable guy otherwise — was in complete denial about what occurred on the field. After the game the Wilson gave his team credit for fighting, but also said he didn’t see what happened on the play. C’mon Russell. It was played at least five times from every angle in the stadium and reviewed afterwards. To no avail unfortunately.

The “Inaccurate Reception” gives Seattle the 14-12 win over the Packers.

His public enemy partner in crime, Golden Tate, was even worse. When asked about his “catch” he confirmed what the referee called and conveniently overlooked the fact that he only had one hand on the ball and pushed a defender out of the way.

And then there was the Greenbay Pakers’ offensive lineman (and my hero), TJ Lang, who provided the entertainment via Twitter. Needless to say he’s now my favorite O-lineman in the NFL.

In the end, the referee debacle was bound to end, but we sure got one heck of a story out of it before did.

The Goddamn Jets

While I may not like them as much as this little guy, they are some what of a story so far.  Currently the Jets are 2-2 and have lost to two of the NFL’s best — Niners, and Steelers — so on the surface there isn’t much to worry about. But dig deeper and they look to be in big trouble. I hate jumping to conclusions this early in the season, but I’m very concerned for the Jets on multiple fronts.

Darelle Revis and Santonio Holmes are both out for the season, which puts the Jets playoffs hopes in serious jeopardy. Now the Jets were already on the bubble with a full staff so losing Revis really hurt them on defense. Losing Holmes really hurts them since they couldn’t score points consistently with him on the field.

The offense has been terrible, save for the season opening smack down Gang Green laid on the Buffalo Bills. Their last game was a 34-0 drubbing to the San Fransisco. And the schedule  doesn’t get any easier with the Houston Texans coming to town Sunday and the Patriots on the docket two weeks later.

On top of the injuries, the schedule and the offense, there is the Tebow problem. Mark Sanchez, who I think is highly capable, is struggling to keep it together. And Tebow fanatics are just waiting for the next slip-up so they can campaign for Tim Tebow to become the starter.

For a team with so much potential, the Jets are the early favorite to land the “Biggest Disappointment” award by years end.

The only silver lining is the schedule gets easier from November on. We’ll see if they can make it through October first.

Unlucky Stars

Tony Romo is either the most unlucky QB ever or he’s just very bad. Whatever it is, Romo some how became the 9th passer to throw 5 picks in a game multiple times. Even worse, both times it was on Monday Night Football, in front of the entire country.

The last time Romo did this his team was able to bail him out and the Cowboys beat the Bills on a last second FG. This time they got crushed by the Chicago Bears.

Dallas has been known recently for underachieving, but this year seems a little different. This year they just don’t look good at all. Everything looks out-of-sync. on offense. Romo constantly has the struggle face and Jerry Jones still won’t let someone else control day-to-day operations.

How bout them Cowboys?

Well this is awkward..

Drew Brees, arguably one Of the NFL’s best quarterbacks and certainly in the top 5, is on the verge of breaking a record set by the great Johnny Unitas for consecutive games with a TD. Unfortunately for Brees that’s about the only positive for Brees and the Saints after 4 games. The Saints are winless (0-4) they’re defense is terrible and theyre coach for the moment was a position coach last year, all thanks to Bounty gate.
One positive that Brees and the team can look to is that suspended head coach Sean Payton, who was banned from having any contact with the Saints, will be allowed to attend the game and watch Brees attempt to make history..again.
Breed wrote a letter to commissioner Roger Goodell requesting that Payton be allowed to attend the game and that Brees be able to talk with Payton afterwards. Brees, however, did not invite the commish. Ouch. Not surprising considering Goodell isn’t a favorite of player around the league, particularly players in New Orleans after the Bounty scandal.
For the first time ever I actually feel bad for Goodell. You would think this would be a game he would like to see live as well instead of the contest between the Vikings and Titans. Looks like Mr. Goodell won’t be around Louisiana for a while..well at least until this whole Bounty thing blows over. Sorry Roger.

Commish not invited to the party in N.O.

Part 3 of the Ramblings of a Mad Blogger coming soon..

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