It was all, but over. The apparent inevitable end to the Heat’s season was aided by the visual of security members in bright yellow shirts getting in position for the impending celebration. Jeff Van Gundy was halfway into his rant about how he didn’t like that they were so close to Tim Duncan on the sideline. Mike Breen replied by telling Van Gundy that it was necessary to keep order once the game had officially ended; because practically everyone in the arena thought they knew what was about to happen.
San Antonio was up by two points with about 20 seconds to go and even after LeBron’s clutch 3-pointer no one expected the Heat to make the right play, every play and for San Antonio to falter.
But Kawhi Leonard missed his first free throw attempt, which left the door open. Bosh pulled down a key offensive rebound after a LeBron miss and kicked the ball to an open Ray Allen who knocked down a seemingly routine 3-pointer to tie the game at 95 apiece. And the rest is history. 


The Heat celebrate pulling off an improbable comeback in Game 6 of the finals.

It was the most improbable comeback win in recent finals memory. The game itself was a microcosm of the constant ebb and flow of the series. Huge runs by each team, first San Antonio in the 2nd and third quarter. Then Miami at the beginning of the fourth, then Spurs again to take a late lead and finally the Heat again to send it into OT. Neither team could seize control of the game for very long the way neither team could win back to back games on six tries. 

All things considered this may have been one of the most exciting finals games of all-time. LeBron, after bringing the team back from a 10 point deficit, was on the brink of having to explain how he couldn’t win another title, and assert himself as the absolute best player. Wade and Bosh struggled for a majority of the post-season and were often overshadowed by Spurs sharpshooter Danny Green for most of the Final. Eric Spoelstra unable to outwit Greg Popovich despite having an amazing season. The legacy’s of the key members of the Heat we’re 20 seconds away from being picked apart. But things fell the Heat’s way in the last 20 seconds and in overtime. 

This is why the players have to see the game all the way through. This is why we as fans love the game. Because no matter what there is always a chance no matter how slim of a margin it’s not over until the fat lady sings. 

The NBA finals has seen many iconic moments and victories. Jerry West’s famous half court shot, Magic Johnson’s baby hook, Michael Jordan’s shoulder shrug after hitting ANOTHER three-pointer, (lets be honest Jordan had so many on his own we could make a list off of that) in this series alone you have Tony Parker’s amazing shot in Game 1 and Lebron’s block on Tiago Splitter in the following game. (LeBron playing without headband was maybe the biggest non-story ever, but it was still unbelievably shocking for some reason.) 

But the final sequence of Game 6 may go down as the most amazing finish of all time, (granted we won’t be able to fully appreciate it until years from now) if the Heat can win Game 7 on Thursday. That game like this entire series is basically up in the air, but just like the last six, we will all be watching. 

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