Last year Mike Brown lost his job as a head coach. He was tossed away like a kid throws away the crust of the bread on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Coaching vacancies were filled and Brown’s name wasn’t called. He was the kid who didn’t get pick to play ( the kid theme is coincidental). Now after a year away from the game and the departure of the NBA’s most accomplished head coach, Brown has been summoned to coach the NBA’s signature franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sidenote: For those of you who are thinking what about the Celtics..The Lakers have won more rings in the modern NBA era (80s and 90s).

Anyway, some fans and analysts think Brown to the Lakers is not a good move and they couldn’t be more wrong.

Here are a few reasons why..

1. They’re the Lakers:Mike Brown is going to a team that is loaded with talent and has already won two NBA championships together. The Lakers may have lost to the Dallas Mavericks this year, but they have played 100 plus games for the last three seasons. Not only do they get to rest, but they also get to have the “chip on their shoulder” driving them back to the finals. And Mike brown, who also has a few Lays on his shoulder, will drive that point home.

Former Cleveland Cavaliers coach, Mike Brown, will become the next head coach of the LA Lakers.

2. DE-fense: Everyone knows that Mike Brown’s specialty is defense. He was an assistant coach under Greg Poppavich — coincidentally the only other Western Conference coach to win a title during the 2000 era — and while he coached the Cavs he had his team in the top ten defensively every year. People criticized Brown for being too defensive minded and not knowing how to coach offense, but that’s where point number one comes into play.

3. He’s a winner: This is where many will disagree, but it’s the truth. 272 wins in his career, 42 playoff wins, two trips to the Eastern Conference finals and one finals appearance. He won coach of the year during the 08-09 season when his team had 66 wins. Of course people will say “Well he didn’t win a ring”, but that isn’t the only way to measure a coach’s success. Taking the Cavaliers to NBA finals with only one superstar and beating the Detroit Pistons to get there was an amazing accomplishment. Losing to the Spurs doesn’t mean he isn’t a good coach, it just means he got out-coached by his mentor.

Brown has done more with less in his career. He should have taken his team to two or three finals appearances, especially in the 08-09 season, however he still has time to prove to the league that he is a good coach. Remember nobody thought Doc Rivers was a good coach until he won with the Celtics. Brown is in a similar position to prove his doubters wrong and by the end of the 2012 season he could be LA’s golden boy.



The term Most Valuable Player (MVP) is one of the most debated and argued topics in sports especially in a sport where one player can dominate individually. Some say it means the best player on the best team, others say it’s the best player in the sport and some say it’s the person who has the worst supporting cast, but still puts up good numbers. The consensus definition is that an MVP is the player most responsible for their team’s success (whatever that means).

The 2011 NBA MVP was Derrick Rose. The youngest player to ever win the award and the first to win it for the Chicago Bulls since..that’s right “His Airness” Micheal Jordan. Rose went from middle of the pack to the top of the league in one year and took his team from the 8th seed in the eastern conference to number 1. He did it with two of his starting big men — Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah — missing about 50 games between them. He averaged 25 ponts and 7.7 assists per game during the regular season the only player to be in the top 10 for both categories. He’s soared over defenses, made opposing players look foolish trying to stay in front of him and given Chicago fans a reason to believe that there is life after Jordan. And with all that said, he’s still not the MVP.

The best player in the NBA during the regular season was LeBron James. He’s been the best player for the past few years and was the MVP two years in a row before Rose won it this year. After leaving Cleveland to go to Miami and play with two other superstars, the perception of James changed drastically. His expectations also went through the roof because of the team he would have around him. Rose, on the other hand, didn’t have expectations this high.

Most expected Rose and the Bulls to become a top four team in the east, but not the best. So James never had a fair chance to be considered the best player because he had “too much help”. And even with all the help that James had he still averaged what he averages for his career 27 points 7 rebounds and 7 assists. He was named to the NBA’s all defensive team and he is the only player to be unanimously voted First Team All-NBA.

Now that we are coming up on game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals Jame’s has proved that he is the best player on his team and on the floor against the Bulls. He has done all of the little things writers and analysts have criticized him for all season. He closed out game 2 against the Bulls scoring nine of the Heat’s 14 fourth quarter points. He’s made 26 of 33 free throws during this series and he’s played smothering defense on every opposing player on the court including the MVP Derrick Rose.

Some may say that what James is doing in the playoffs doesn’t matter because the MVP is regular season award. I say the playoffs have forced people to look at James and remember just how good he is. And if you’ve really been watching, you have to agree.


Melo says "Dueces" to Denver as he makes his way to the Garden.

After months of speculation and rumors flying the basketball world, the “trade of the century”, has finally been completed. Brooklyn born Carmelo Anthony, one of the NBA’s premiere scorers and notable icons, is headed to The Big Apple to team up with friend and fellow superstar, Amare Stoudemire — just as Stoudemire predicted at Anthony’s wedding. Coming along with Melo from the Denver Nuggets are point Chauncy Billups, former Knicks forward Renaldo Balkman, forward Sheldon Williams, and the young swing man Corey Brewer from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

What New York gave up is the problem I have. The ‘Bockers gave up three starters; point guard Raymond Felton, forwards Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Anthony Randolph (to Minnesota) and centers Timofey Mozgov and Eddy Curry.

Originally reports stated that the Knicks’ front office was only willing to part with Randolph, Curry and either Chandler or Gallinari, because they didn’t want to “gut the roster”. However, as the deadline moved closer, Denver kept demanding that more pieces be added to the deal. There were even rumors that the Nuggets threatened to trade Anthony to the New Jersey Nets if their demands were not met.  But Denver was never going to trade with New Jersey because they had already tried twice and rumor has it that Carmelo would not have signed his 3-year $65 million extension with anyone but New York.

With all of that said, New York overpaid for Melo. Sure he’s a top 5 player and a dynamite scorer, but the other pieces don’t add up to what the Knicks had. Especially at point guard. Billups is more experienced, but he’s much older and may not be on the team beyond next season, which means the Knicks have to go out and get another point guard.

Carmelo Anthony..The Newest Knickerbocker

The other problem I have is the Isiah/Dolan factor. Donnie Walsh built this team from the ground up and James Dolan forced the issue to get Melo instead of trusting Walsh’s gut. Somewhat of a slap in the face to the man who ressurected the franchise.

The move could turn out to be a huge success and the Knicks could go on to win a championship within the next 3 years. But they could also under-achieve severely and that is the cardinal sin in NYC. We’ll just have to wait and see what Carmelo Anthony does in a Knicks uniform. One thing can be said for sure, all eyes will be on NY from here on out.


Bare with me for a minute. Disregard all the reports from ESPN and all of these “insiders” who swear on the Bible that they know football and use your brain for one second.

Matt Leinart won a championship and a Heisman at USC. Pete Carrol was the coach at USC. Matt Leinart was just released from the Arizona Cardinals. Pete Carrol now coaches one of the rivals of that team — The Seattle Seahawks. The current quarterback of the Seahawks is 34 and has a bad back and knee. Did I mention Matt Leinart used to play for Pete Carrol?

If you haven’t caught on basically the idea is Matt Leinart is perfect for Seattle. Leinart strongly believes that he should be a starter right now and not too many teams believe that, except maybe his former college coach. It is very possible that Leinart is just another pretty boy posing as an NFL QB and can’t play the position at this level. I just can’t see that. People don’t just win Heisman trophies without having some kind of talent. And Leinart was never given a fair shot to get the job. The Cardinals brought in a different coach and quarter back and

sat Leinart on the bench.

With Pete Carrol Leinart has a great chance to succeed. In fact it may be the only place he can succeed because most teams are looking at him for back-up purposes. I’m no “insider”, but I know for a fact this would be a good move.

The Good Ole Loophole

This week Jeremiah Masoli, the former QB for the Oregon Ducks, was allowed to play after he appealed the original decision the NCAA gave him earlier in the week. Originally Masoli was supposed to sit out a year because he transferred to Mississippi University to play football. Masoli basically used a loophole in the NCAA’s system to transfer from Oregon where he was kicked off of the football team for his involvement in a robbery. However, because he did graduate from the school and still had a year of eligibility, Masoli was able to transfer and use an academic rule to play this season.

This is great news for Ole Miss because they have no back-up QB on the roster that come close to Masoli in talent. Masoli was one of the biggest reasons that Oregon was on top of the Pac-10 last year. His dual-threat abilities at QB will definitely be an asset to Ole Miss. Not to mention the SEC is a little easier this year now that Superman Tim Tebow is gone and Reigning Heisman winner Mark Ingram is out early in the season.

The only thing that bothers me about this is that Masoli, head coach Houston Nutt, and everyone else who followed the situation knows that he didn’t transfer for academic reasons.

I do think Masoli is trying to change his life around, as does his coach, but technically there is no lesson learned here. Except maybe, if you can get over, do it!


When I saw that the Knicks were trying to bring back Isiah Thomas I had one thought, “YOU MUST BE OUT YO’ COTTON PICKIN’ MIND!”. That’s something my aunt would say to me when I said or did something utterly stupid and ridiculous — like bring back the worst General Manager in Knicks history.

I think James Dolan just likes to be hated by everyone. He’s the one who thought Isiah should come back after the losing records and the scandals and more losing. Isiah wasn’t a horrible scout of talent, he definitely couldn’t manage it from a GM or coaching position. So what would posses Dolan to even contemplate having him return with the team in any aspect? Who would want to  consult with Isiah about anything NBA related?

Not only should Isiah stay as far away as physically possible, James Dolan needs to be bought out because he’s a horrible owner. He doesn’t know anything about basketball and it shows when he tried to bring back his worst hire as an owner.

“It just don’t make good sense.” That’s something my aunt would say when she was puzzled, which all of New York and the NBA are when it comes to these two. Thankfully Thomas cannot assume a position because of the conflict of interest — Thomas is the coach at FIU — but the fact that it was thought about is bad enough. It almost negates everything they did this off-season to get back on track. If I had my druthers, Dolan would be together in at FIU and as far away from the Knicks as possible.


I’ll make these as short as possible since they aren’t particularly new.

  • BRETT FAVRE – I seriously contemplated finding and kidnapping him if he doesn’t stay retired. I am very much done with Brett Favre and his ongoing tale of unneccessary drama. A rapper once said, “Serius it’s over, no I’m serious, it’s over” (Look up Serius Jones vs Murda Mook) and that is the case with Favre. No matter how hard he tries he cannot change his legacy positively at this point in his career. He had an amazing season last year and it still didn’t change many people’s minds about him. He’s somewhere between 3-5 on the all-time QB list and he will not go up or down no matter what. Time to hang it up Brett.
  • REVIS VS THE JETS – Darelle Revis is the best player on the best defense in the NFL. Unfortunately he is being paid like any other Joe Schmo. Now I do not particularly agree with the hold-out completely because it interferes with chemistry, but he certainly needs to be paid more than he is getting now. When players who have not stepped onto the field get more than you and you almost went to the Super Bowl because your defense was just that good, there is a huge problem. And in the NFL you can get cut in a NY minute (pun slightly intended) so you have to make sure you financially secure. No argument about this one. Pay the man.
  • JASON PLUNKETT? – Raiders’ owner Al Davis recently named Jason Campbell the second coming of Jim Plunkett. Should Raiders fans be excited? Possibly. Campbell is good no doubt and I think the Raiders are going to sneak up on people and win the division. However, anything Al Davis says means nothing to me. He’s so old Jim Plunkett might be the last QB he remembers. Ok that was harsh, but Davis has not made very many good decisions in his advanced age and he continues to hover over the team and try to the AFC version of Jerry Jones. Jason Campbell has it all and I have no concerns about what he can do. Al Davis on the other hand needs to get on the same bus as Brett Favre.