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Odd Man Out

Courtesy of: The Blacher Report

Armando Galarraga will forever be known as the guy who “should have” pitched the 21st perfect game. The 3rd in one season.The first for the Tigers organization. 

At the other end of the spectrum is Jim Joyce, who will most likely forever be known as the guy who got it wrong. The guy who blew Galarraga’s perfect game. The Steve Bartman for the Tigers’ fan base. 

In the ninth inning of his perfect game bid Galarraga had only one more batter. The hitter, Jason Donald, grounded to the first baseman Miguel Cabrera who then fired the ball to Galarraga as he was hustling to cover first base. 

Galarraga reached the bag and received the ball about a second before the runner’s foot came down on the bag. 

His and his teammates celebration quickly turned to confusion when they realized the umpire had called Donald safe. Galarraga smiled on the inside, but was most certainly crying inside (And probably cursing in his head.) But by then the damage was done. The celebration had been extinguished by confusion and boos and the perfect game that could have been was now the perfect game that should have been. 

Joyce, who was heavily ridiculed a multitude of fans around the country and in the stadium, conceded to his mistake. “I just cost that kid a perfect game,” he said.  

Unfortunately, no mater how sorry he is, he can never erase what happened tonight. On one simple call at first base he went from the man who made the game winning call in a perfect game to the one that prevented it.