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Sayonara San Diego

After Nine seasons, over 12,000 yards, 6 Pro Bowl appearances and one MVP award, the San Diego Chargers have released running back Ladainian Tomlinson.

The move isn’t a surprise to many, because there have been rumors that he and the team were contemplating parting ways for the past two seasons. It is unfortunate, however, that he has to leave the team that he brought back to life when they drafted him in 2001. Since that day he was arguably the most explosive weapon on the field every time he played. He could affect the game by running, catching and even sometimes throwing the football. But as great as Tomlinson has been over his career, he has never been on a championship team. He has come very close -the Chargers lost to the Patriots in 2007 in the AFC championship game- but he’s never gotten to taste the ultimate victory.

Now he says his goal is to be on a championship team and contribute, which is interesting, because his team was the second best team in the conference last year and still couldn’t make it. It doesn’t look good for Tomlinson’s legacy right now, because he’s getting older much faster than he expected and can do a lot less than he used to. He doesn’t appear to have the ability to take an “ok” team to “Great” team anymore. No matter how his situation turns out, I’m sure his years as a Charger will put him in Canton with the rest of the greats.