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J. Cole’s Baseball Tonight Remix

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J. Cole make s a dope remix to ESPN’s Baseball Tonight theme song



The Rookie of the Year award in baseball will probably end up going some guy named Stephen Strasburg. A fair choice, but minus the fan fare and hype he may not be the most outstanding player.

My choice for rookie of the year would be Pirates third baseman Pedro Alvarez. Alvarez was billed as the savior of the Pirates organization when he was called up mid-season. This team definitely needs a Messiah since it has not had a winning record since Barry Bonds left for San Fran (for the folks keeping count at home that’s 17 years).

Alvarez along with his other rookie teammates, Jose Tabata and Neil Walker, have brought a little bit of life back to PNC. The Pirates are nowhere near contenders — in fact they might extend the streak to 18-straight losing seasons — but they have players that are fun to watch.

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Not only has Alvarez brought a swagger to the team he has also produced while in the majors. Alvarez is hitting.243 with 10 home runs and 32 runs batted in after 48 games in the big leagues. Compare that to another outstanding rookie who also received much hype this year Jason Heyward — .262 12 homers 51 RBI’s — and you see why I say Pedro’s the real deal. Throw in the fact that he has very little protection in the line-up or good pitching — Pirates are 29th in staff ERA and batting average — and he might be the best rookie in the MLB.

My favorite thing about Alvarez was that he made a grown man do this:

I’ll take Alvarez over the rest of the rookies right now as far as career’s go. He just has that it factor that can’t be ignored. Just watch and you’ll see it too.


Alex Rodriguez’s career has been filled with numerous ups and a fair share of downs. He has been loved, hated, despised, envied and resented. Now that he’s at the doorstep of 600 home-runs it seems he could be better classified as forgotten.

Unless you’re from another planet, you know baseball has had its share of controversy when it comes to records and those who have chased them in the past 20 years. It’s no secret that A-Rod has use PED’s and that others who have been successful were successful because of them. In the case of Barry Bonds chasing the all-time HR record, more people watched because of the alleged steroid allegations then to actually see the historic event for it’s intended purpose.

But none of that seems to be the case with A-Rod. It seems like people will treat his 17th HR of 2010 the same way they would treat the 17th of any other season. Quite a fall for the sport’s biggest star.

So why doesn’t anyone care?

Some might say that numbers no longer mean anything, because steroid users have cracked into baseball’s most hallowed ground.

I chalk it up to one word: Hate.

Hate was often the fuel for people watch A-Rod. Some people just wanted to see him fail. Now that he’s admitted to using steroids and won a championship there’s no reason to hate on A-Rod anymore.

I think people just liked hating on him because he made so much money, but had struggles in the playoffs. Now he’s just does his job and doesn’t say anything. Aside from the Dallas Braden fiasco, (which was dumb and blown out of proportion) I can’t remember Rodriguez being the center of attention this year.

Whether you love him or hate him, he will eventually be the 7th Major League player to hit 600 home runs, no matter how much attention he gets for it.

Cano = My Man

Robinson Cano is easily my favorite player on the Yankees. Ever since his rookie year I thought he would be a superstar and lately he’s been proving me right. It’s also pretty cool that he’s named after Jackie Robinson and wears Jackie’s number backwards to pay homage to him.

As of today he leads the AL with a .363 batting average a d had 14 homers with 50 RBI. He’s also emerging as the leader of a team full of stars. A-Rod is in and out of the line-up because of injury, Jeter, as good as he is, has clearly gotten older and Mark Teixeira goes in and out depending on the month. Not only is his offense great, but so is his defense. He’s quietly become the best second baseman in baseball.

All of those factors makes Cano a very early candidate for AL MVP. What’s more interesting is he still has time to get better.

Odd Man Out

Courtesy of: The Blacher Report

Armando Galarraga will forever be known as the guy who “should have” pitched the 21st perfect game. The 3rd in one season.The first for the Tigers organization. 

At the other end of the spectrum is Jim Joyce, who will most likely forever be known as the guy who got it wrong. The guy who blew Galarraga’s perfect game. The Steve Bartman for the Tigers’ fan base. 

In the ninth inning of his perfect game bid Galarraga had only one more batter. The hitter, Jason Donald, grounded to the first baseman Miguel Cabrera who then fired the ball to Galarraga as he was hustling to cover first base. 

Galarraga reached the bag and received the ball about a second before the runner’s foot came down on the bag. 

His and his teammates celebration quickly turned to confusion when they realized the umpire had called Donald safe. Galarraga smiled on the inside, but was most certainly crying inside (And probably cursing in his head.) But by then the damage was done. The celebration had been extinguished by confusion and boos and the perfect game that could have been was now the perfect game that should have been. 

Joyce, who was heavily ridiculed a multitude of fans around the country and in the stadium, conceded to his mistake. “I just cost that kid a perfect game,” he said.  

Unfortunately, no mater how sorry he is, he can never erase what happened tonight. On one simple call at first base he went from the man who made the game winning call in a perfect game to the one that prevented it.


Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle doesn’t waste time to make the best play of the year. Maybe MLB should change their they’re theme to “Where unbelievable happens.”