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Return of the Tiger

The much-anticipated return of the world’s most infamous golfer is nearing closer and closer.

Tiger Woods will be at Augusta for the Masters doing what he does best. Playing Golf. But after all this time off many people wonder if he is still the best. Anyone who has followed Tiger’s career has seen him defy the odds time and time again. In fact whenever there is a tournament there are only two competitors; Tiger and the field. We have seen him play through the death of his father and a severely injured knee and come out on top both times. But this just might be the biggest outside story that has ever affected Tiger Woods.

In a sport where you are essentially alone and have to block out outside and inside distractions we will quickly see how well he can put all of his problems to the side and just play golf. I’m not typically a betting man, if I had to put my money on one guy, I’d put it on Tiger Woods.