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The Top 3 Reasons I Do Not Like Kobe Bryant

As the clock was ticking down in game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals, I was busy going through peoples comments on Twitter and one struck me as very interesting. A friend of mine posted: “How could you possibly hate Kobe? Give me one good reason.”

Well I have three reasons why I absolutely hate (sports wise, not pure hatred) Kobe Bryant. Here goes:


Kobe is often referred as the “best closer in the game” and the best shooter and blah, blah, blah. Kobe is in fact not that great of a shooter percentage wise. He generally shoots in the mid to low 40’s and has never shot 50% for a season. I’ll give credit for making tough shots in the 4th, but he only makes those because he’s still fresh from passing the ball into his All-Star power forward Pau Gasol and 7 foot center Andrew Bynum. Kobe has never carried a team to being great. He has always had significant help, which is necessary to if you plan on winning. But I’m tired of people gassing him up to be some tough-guy and killer. He’s from Italy not Philly.


“Black Mamba”  is hands down the weakest nickname ever. I put it slightly above “The Big Fundamental. C’mon Son! Kobe is  not a deadly snake that kills its prey with one bite, or shot in his case. It’s especially corny compared to the great nicknames in Lakers history: Magic, Big Game James, The Diesel, Big Shot Rob. It doesn’t even flow. Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant? I’ll pass.


This is possibly the most annoying thing about Kobe. That ugly face he makes when he grits his teeth together makes me want to throw my TV. He looks like a mole rat when he does that. And every time he sticks his tongue out like MJ, I find it blasphemous. Even the one in the picture below bothers me.

Now let me pause for a second for all you Kobe lovers out there. There is no denying Kobe’s talent. He is a great player and easily a Hall of Famer. He does a lot of things well on the court and I respect his game. But that doesn’t mean I have to like him.